Day One

So, I think Day 1 went pretty well. I'm off on a good start.


  • Read the bible. (#31)
  • Tried a new recipe (Shepherd's Pie is my all time favourite). Forgot to take pics. So, I'll have to wait till the next time I make it to take photos. (#18)
  • Updating my blog, thus fulfilling the once a week quota. (#35)
  • Made a list of the Disney movies I'd like to watch and got 3 of them. It's quite shocking that I haven't seen so many of them. (#68)
  • Vacuum cleaned the living room, dusted all the decorative pieces and cleaned the giant plastic tree. (#79)
  • Identified bad habit #1. I'm a slob. My room is never tidy. Worked on it. Tidied up my room and made my bed the minute I woke up. Did the same on Day 2. (#82)
  • Got a Yoga DVD. That was the first step. (#92)

I think that was pretty good for the first day. Now, lets see how enthusiastic I'm about it same time next week.


When I first read about this Project, I thought it was quite a long commitment to keep. But when I started reading other people's list, I realized it would be a great motivation to finally get down to doing the things that I've wanted to do and never done, and to put some habits in place.

Some goals are easy, some are not. Some will require my commitment every single day. One of my goals is to update this blog atleast once a week. Lets see how that goes because sometimes life gets in the way. A lot of people have started and failed and started again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

A rule that I made for myself: No goal is complete till I blog about it.

Here's to the next 1001 days!!!